Artificial intelligence at work!! Explained in what is audi pre sense

This article gives a comprehensive insight of the different Audi pre sense systems and how they intelligently safeguard car and occupants.

What Is Audi Pre Sense

What’s included in Audi pre sense packages?

Audi’s pre sense packages encompass a range of safety sensors and features designed to safeguard your vehicle.

These packages offer a comprehensive set of protections, with several of them now being included as standard in new Audi models.

The following packages are available:

  • Pre sense basic –

    Pre Sense Basic employs sensors that activate the electronic stability control system when the driver applies the brakes forcefully.

    As a result, the front seatbelts undergo pretensioning, effectively tightening them to ready for a potential accident.

    Additionally, it activates the hazard lights, closes the windows, and shuts the sunroof.

    It’s important to note that this iteration of Pre Sense does not aid in collision avoidance.

    Rather, its purpose is to prepare the cabin for impact, reducing the likelihood of severe injuries in the event of an accident.

  • Pre sense front-

When a potential collision is detected, the Pre Sense Front system offers a range of responses that escalate in severity:

  1. Forward-collision warning: It generates an audible alert and displays a message on the gauge cluster to notify the driver.
  2. Slight brake pressure and steering wheel vibration: system automatically applies a gentle brake force and briefly shakes the steering wheel to alert the driver.
  3. Increased brake pressure, hazard light activation, window closure, and seatbelt pretensioning:

4.Maximum brake pressure and full seatbelt tightening:

If the situation intensifies further, Pre Sense Front applies maximum brake pressure and fully tightens the seatbelts.

In the first three instances, the driver still has the option to intervene by braking or steering away from the obstacle ahead.

However, if Pre Sense Front progresses to the fourth step, it indicates that a collision is unavoidable, and its focus shifts to safeguarding the occupants of the vehicle.

  • Pre sense side –

Audi Pre Sense Side stands out as the most remarkable component within the Pre Sense family.

It utilizes a cross-traffic warning system to monitor the movements of vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists that could potentially obstruct the driver’s intended path.

In the event of an impending collision, Pre Sense Side employs the same procedures as Pre Sense Basic.

When a vehicle or object approaches from the side at speeds exceeding 15.5 mph, Pre Sense Side activates the air suspension on the impacted side of the car, causing it to rise by slightly over three inches.

This deliberate action redirects the impact forces towards the most robust areas of the vehicle’s structure, enabling greater absorption of the crash energy.

Consequently, this enhances the protection of the occupants inside the vehicle, providing an improved safety outcome.

  • Pre sense rear

In specific Audi vehicles, the safety sensors seamlessly integrate with rear automatic braking and self-parking systems.

This seamless integration enables the sensors to continuously monitor the vehicle’s surroundings, even while driving at varying speeds.

Upon detecting a potential collision with a rear-approaching vehicle, the system  issues visual and audible warnings to alert the driver of the impending danger.

It tightens the seatbelts, closing the windows, and rapidly activating the hazard lights, which have become the established standard procedure.

Furthermore, if the vehicle is equipped with memory seats, they also adjust to ensure optimal safety for the car’s occupants.

What  do I if my Audi pre sense light is on?

Audi Pre Sense is an advanced safety technology system that becomes active when there is an anticipated risk of collision.

If the Pre Sense light is illuminated, please ensure that the sensors are free from any dirt or obstructions.

In case the light persists, we recommend contacting your nearest Audi dealership for further assistance.

 Does Audi know when the light turns green?

Indeed, a sensor integrated into the traffic light communicates with the vehicle, providing information about the remaining time until a red light changes to green.

With the aid of this traffic signal data and the car’s current position, Audi owners will now receive a speed recommendation displayed on the screen located behind the steering wheel.


The article presents a comprehensive overview of Audi’s Pre Sense systems, which prioritize the safety of both the vehicle and its occupants.

Audi provides a variety of Pre Sense packages that incorporate safety sensors and features.

The Pre Sense Basic, front, side and rear. these package readies the vehicle for impact by activating the stability control system, pretensioning seatbelts, closing windows, and turning on hazard lights.

Front identifies potential collisions and gradually issues warnings, applies brake pressure, and tightens seatbelts.

Side utilizes a cross-traffic warning system and elevates the air suspension on the impact side to redirect crash forces.

Pre Sense Rear integrates with rear automatic braking and self-parking systems to monitor surroundings and issue alerts.

If the Audi Pre Sense light is illuminated, it is advisable to check the sensors for dirt or obstructions. If the problem persists, contacting an Audi dealership is recommended.

Audi vehicles can receive information from traffic light sensors, enabling the display of speed recommendations based on the remaining time until the light changes to green.