Audi S4 Review Up Close And Personal

Audi S4 Review Referred As The Unmatched Giant!! Sleeper

This article reviews the Journey and future of Audi S4 models, its best models and the current market competitor


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The Audi S4 is the high-performance version of the Audi A4, which is a compact executive car.

Initially, the Audi S4 was a performance-focused iteration of the Audi 100 saloon/sedan, built from 1991 until 1994.

However, since 1997, all subsequent S4 models have been based on the evolving Audi A4 from one generation to the next.

For many buyers looking for a luxurious mid-size sedan or wagon, the Audi S4 may strike the perfect balance.

It isn’t as extreme or expensive as the full-fledged RS4, but it certainly surpasses the ‘standard’ A4 in many ways.

One reason is its impressive 3.0-liter turbocharged petrol V6 engine, which churns out an impressive 260kW and 500Nm of torque.

The S4 is also equipped with Audi’s renowned ‘quattro’ all-wheel-drive system and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Additionally, the vehicle boasts numerous performance enhancements to improve suspension, aerodynamics, and overall appeal.

What’s new for Audi S4 2023?

Featuring a sleek and dynamic exterior design, the Audi S4 2023 delivers exceptional performance figures that complement its sophisticated appearance.

Offered in both sedan and wagon versions.

Both models are equipped with a powerful 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine, paired with Audi’s renowned all-wheel drive and S-specific suspension.

With a current drive rating of 8.1 out of 10, the S4 runs on petrol and comes with a generous 5-year/unlimited km warranty.

While there is no available safety rating, the vehicle boasts a fuel efficiency of 8.6 to 8.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

How safe is the Audi S4?

The Audi S4 models come equipped with several standard safety features.

These includes:

  • Airbags,
  • collision warning,
  • electronic stability control,
  • blind spot alert,
  • parking cameras (multiple),
  • rear parking camera,
  • autonomous emergency braking,
  • adaptive cruise control,
  • driver attention alert,
  • side door exit warning,
  • lane keeping assist,
  • speed limiter,
  • parking sensors,
  • auto parking,
  • rain sensing wipers,
  • rear cross traffic alert,
  •  Tyre pressure monitoring.

However, it’s worth noting that additional safety features may vary depending on the specific Audi S4 model.

How fast is the S4?

The Audi S4 is equipped with a 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine that generates 349 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque.

This power is transmitted to all four wheels through the standard Quattro all-wheel-drive system and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The S4 can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds, making it an incredibly quick vehicle.

The fuel economy of the S4 is expected to be similar to that of the 2022 model, which boasted an EPA rating of 21/30 mpg city/highway.

How reliable is the S4?

Assuming that regular maintenance is performed and the vehicle is driven responsibly.

it is reasonable to anticipate that an Audi S4 will remain dependable and potentially exceed 100,000 miles without requiring substantial repairs.

Which Audi S4 Trim is the Top Choice?

Our preferred selection within the S4 range is the Premium Plus variant.

In contrast to the standard Premium model, the S4 Premium Plus is equipped with a striking digital gauge display, a surround-view camera system and adaptive cruise control.

While it lacks the high-end Prestige trim’s head-up display and animated LED headlights, the S4 Premium Plus, offers a commendable blend of features for the cost.

What are the key competitors to Audi S4?
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia,
  • Genesis G70 3.3T,
  • BMW M340i,
  • Acura TLX Type S.


The Audi S4 is a high-performance version of the Audi A4, featuring a 3.0-liter turbocharged petrol V6 engine, Audi’s renowned ‘quattro’ all-wheel-drive system, and numerous performance enhancements.

The Audi S4 2023 offers exceptional performance figures, standard safety features, and various trims to choose from, with the Premium Plus variant being the top choice.

Key competitors include Alfa Romeo Giulia, Genesis G70 3.3T, BMW M340i, and Acura TLX Type S.

Where is Audi S4 made?

The Audi S4 is built in Neckarsulm, Germany.

Which one is better, BMW M3 or Audi S4?

In terms of powertrains and performance, the BMW M3 seems to have an edge over the Audi S4.

The BMW has a quicker acceleration, taking only 3.9 seconds to reach 0 to 60 mph, while the Audi S4 takes 4.5 seconds.

Although both cars have impressive speed capabilities, the difference of 0.6 seconds between the two might not be noticeable in everyday driving situations.