How do I know if my Mercedes has Remote Start

You don’t want to skip any of your automobile’s key features, whether your car is new or used. One of the key things you don’t want to miss is How do I know if my Mercedes has Remote Start.


There are various easy ways to determine whether or not you have a remote starter.

Find out below how to determine whether your automobile has a remote starting!

Remote start is a convenient feature available in many modern vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz models.

With remote start, you can start your car’s engine from a distance, allowing it to warm up or cool down before you even step inside.

This feature can be especially useful during extreme weather conditions.

If you’re wondering whether your Mercedes has remote start capabilities, here are some ways to find out:

Check the owner’s manual:

Your Mercedes owner’s manual should have detailed information about all the features and functions of your car. Look through the manual to see if remote start is listed as one of the features.

Contact your dealership:

If you’re not sure how to check for remote start on your own, reach out to your Mercedes dealership. They should be able to tell you whether your specific model has remote start capabilities.

Use the Mercedes Me app:

If your Mercedes is equipped with the Mercedes Me app, you may be able to use it to remotely start your car. Log in to the app and look for the remote start function.

Look for a remote start button on your key fob:

Some Mercedes key fobs have a dedicated button for remote start.

Look for a circular arrow symbol on your key fob. If you see it, press and hold the button to see if your car starts.

Use trial and error:

If you’re still unsure whether your Mercedes has remote start, try pressing different buttons on your key fob while standing at a safe distance from your car. If your car starts, you’ll know that it has remote start capabilities.

How To Test Your Remote Start

After confirming your car has remote start, it’s best to test it to ensure it works. The basic steps of testing the remote start of your car include:

  • Press the lock button to remind your car that you just bought it.
  • Press the remote-start for a few seconds, after which you should see the lights come on.
  • To cancel, hold down the remote start button for a few seconds.
  • After starting your car, press the button on the door handle to open the door.
  • When you enter, press the brake and push the start-stop button to start running all the functions in your car.

Which Mercedes Have The Remote Start?

The first Mercedes models equipped with remote starts were those from the 2010 model year. Later, the 2016 models were included, and the Mercedes-Me-Connect app was unveiled. You can use a computer or smartphone to view this software.

It’s important to know that the remote start technology is incompatible with Mercedes vehicles from the late 1990s to the middle of the 2000s. As a result, installing them via remote start is not possible.

Using this software, you may remote start your Mercedes from anywhere and gain access to a variety of other services, such as:


It’s worth noting that not all Mercedes models come with remote start as a standard feature.

Some require additional equipment or installation to enable remote start.

If you’re interested in adding this feature to your Mercedes, speak to your dealership or a trusted mechanic to discuss your options.

In conclusion, there are several ways to determine whether your Mercedes has remote start capabilities, including checking the owner’s manual, contacting your dealership, using the Mercedes Me app, looking for a remote start button on your key fob, or using trial and error.

If you’re still unsure, speak to a professional for guidance.