How Long Does It Take to Detail a Car

How Long Does It Take to Detail a Car?

Depending on the sort of detail service you select and the condition of your vehicle, a full auto detail can take anywhere from one hour to three days. 

Usually, auto detailing specialists spend approximately three hours per vehicle, on average. 

A 30-minute fast detail only requires buffing towels, detailing spray, glass cleaner, and interior cleaner. 

Maintenance washes or maintenance washes with internal detailing take 45 to 2 hours, which can be done in the afternoon. 

Thorough detailing takes a lot of work. It can take up to eight hours to clean the inside or outside, especially if there are odours or trash to vacuum. 

In this article, we will explain in detail the different auto detailing services that are available and how long it takes to detail for each service.

Car detailing time depends on many things. These include car size, cleanliness, length of time since the last detailing, and sort of detailing. Let us explore each factor 

The size of your car 

Car size matters. Detailing larger cars—especially the interior and exterior—takes longer. Larger cars require more washing and detailing products and tools. 

The cleanliness of your car 

Detailing can take longer to remove some spots. If it isn’t pre-washed, the trim can take longer. If your interior needs detailing, stubborn odours may permeate the carpet or other materials inside the car and require special methods to remove. 

The last time you detailed 

The next detail will be easy the cleaner and more recent the car is. Detailing lasts 4-6 months, so a short time investment yields a lot of use. 

Detail Type

Fast detail or polishing and ceramic coating are two ways to detail a car. To ensure completeness, a more detailed job will take longer. 


This article talks about the different things that affect how long it takes to clean a car. The size of the car, its cleanliness, the last time it was detailed, and the type of detailing service all play a role in the time it takes to complete the job. 

The article explains that a full auto detail can take anywhere from one hour to three days, with auto detailing specialists spending an average of three hours per vehicle.

 It also describes the different detailing services available and how long each one takes, ranging from a 30-minute fast detail to a more thorough detailing that can take up to eight hours.

 In the end, the article stresses that the amount of time it takes to detail a car depends on a lot of different things. 

However, investing in regular detailing can help keep a car looking good and make it last longer.