How To Change Audi Key Battery has never been this easy

This article will explain what is an immobilizer system, common challenges on Audi vehicles, and how to replace keys if lost or damaged.

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What is an immobilizer system?

The immobilizer prevents the car from starting unless a valid key is present and has been correctly matched to various parts of the car.

For various years and models of vehicles, a variety of immobilizer schemes have been used, each with its own set of applicable procedures.

The Engine Controller (ECU), the Instrument Cluster, and the Keys are Immobilizer system components that need special replacement procedures (or the separate Immobilizer modules in vehicles so equipped).

Other Modules or Parts may occasionally be connected to the immobilizer as well; for instance, newer Audi models include the transmission as a component of the immobilizer.

Types of audi immobilizer systems

There are two types of immobilizer systems available for Audi vehicles.

Program 1

consists of a separate immobilizer ECU that manages the Engine Management ECU system and key recognition.

Program 2

The vehicle dashboard incorporates the immobilizer.

Up to 8 keys can be programmed into the immobilizer ECU, which is recognized by the transponder aerial mounted around the ignition lock.

Transponder keys must be programmed so that the ECU memory recognizes the codes if the keys are lost or a replacement Engine Management ECU is installed

How do tell if my immobilizer system has malfunctioned?

The following list includes the four most common warning signs that the immobilizer system in your car may be malfunctioning.

1. Unlocking issues

Your vehicle’s doors won’t open when you try to remotely unlock them with your key.

You won’t be able to get back into your car if you lock the doors from the inside and close them because your key won’t be able to open them.

To unlock the door at this point, you would need to contact a locksmith.

2 Locking issues

The only way to lock your doors is to do so from the inside while they are open, then close them. The issue with this is that there’s a chance you’ll forget your car keys inside the car and be unable to retrieve them.

3-key ignition won’t turn.

The transponder chip inside the key fob base may be malfunctioning if your key fob has a physical key that you must insert into the ignition and turn before it will move.

The security code is not being sent to the car immobilizer for some reason.

4. Car alarm issues
Your vehicle’s immobilizer is its primary security feature, so if it malfunctions, your factory car alarm system won’t either.

How to change audi key battery

Depending on the particular key fob you own, there are slight differences in the procedure to open the fob and the battery you need.

Pry the fob open, then replace the outdated battery.

common steps:

1-If the key is in the fob remove it by either slide it out or spring it.
The top of a sliding key fob has a small button. To remove the key, pull it out while maintaining pressure on the           button.
To remove a springing key from a fob, depress the spring button on the fob or pull the key forward.

2-The key fob’s back should be unscrewed.

Look for at least one screw holding in the plastic by flipping the key fob over.

You will need a tiny Phillips head screwdriver because these screws are very small.
To prevent losing it, place the screw aside in a secure location, such as a small cup or resealable bag.

3-The fob’s two halves come together here.

To separate the halves, insert the flat head screwdriver’s tip into the seam.

The cover can then be removed by lifting the screwdriver.

4-Use a screwdriver to pry the battery out.

To remove the battery, gently lift it out from underneath with the screwdriver’s head.n car key extraction

5-Insert the new battery by sliding it in.

Place the replacement battery in the same slot as the old one.

A diagram demonstrating how to install the battery can be found on the plastic of the fob.

The battery is typically installed with the positive side facing up.

6-Replace the fob’s screws.

Reattach the cover to the fob. It snaps into place over the battery when you press down on it.

Replace the screw after that, until it firmly fastens the cover’s halves together, turn it clockwise.

How do i get a replacement of a lost audi key?

Get a  locksmith or audi dealer’s contact information

Both the locksmith and the Audi dealer will ask you to verify your identity and ownership of the vehicle in order to verify that you are the registered owner.

You might also be required to present your driver’s license, the car title, and the registration.

Generally speaking, you ought to bring along documents like:

-The vehicle’s title or registration-Identification with a driver’s license

You’ll have to hand over all the necessary paperwork and pay a replacement fee afterwards.

The cost of replacing lost keys can be quite high.

You could pay as little as $280 or as much as $475 for a new Audi car key, plus potential programming fees.


The immobilizer system in Audi vehicles prevents the car from starting unless a valid key is present and correctly matched to various parts.

Warning signs of malfunctioning include;

  • Unlocking issues.
  • Locking issues.
  • Key ignition won’t turn.

security code not being sent to the car immobilizer.

To replace a lost key, a locksmith or Audi dealer must verify the owner’s identity and ownership of the vehicle.

The cost of replacing lost keys can range from $20 to $475.