What car does Neymar drive : A look Inside His Posh Car Collection

Neymar, also known as Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, requires no introduction. Neymar’s association with soccer is an intriguing one given that he is among the most well-liked goal scorers of all time. with such fame What car does Neymar drive

He consistently contributed to Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, and the Brazilian national football team.

Few people are aware of his enormous automobile collection, despite the fact that he is well recognized for his honors and opulent lifestyle.

It’s obvious from his ever-expanding collection that he like fast vehicles because it includes everything from a Ferrari 458 Italia to a McLaren 570S.

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Neymar Jr., one of the most well-known soccer players in the current era, is reputed to lead a wealthy lifestyle.

One of the sport’s most thrilling and illustrious moments is when he stung Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain.

Neymar Jr.’s car collection includes a Lamborghini Veneno, a Ferrari 458 Italia, an Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus, a Porsche Panamera Turbo, an Aston Martin Vulcan, a Maserati Mc12, and an Audi RS7.

With so many awards under his belt and a truly enormous fan base, Neymar Jr. is well-known and adored throughout the entire world.

Here is the list of What car does Neymar drive :

  1. Lamborghini Veneno 

The Lamborghini Veneno is possibly the rarest car to ever exist, with only three ever produced and the model for the show. Based on the Aventador, the Veneno is as premium as it is rare. It has carbon-fiber monocoque and aluminum front and rear subframes which give the coupe a gorgeous frame and a similar boost to performance.

Inside it has a monstrous V-12 engine to add to its exclusive nature and commanding authority with devilish power and similarly rapid acceleration. The engine has also been enhanced and upgraded to produce more horsepower and thus better performance. Neymar has this priceless car and it is now valued to be over $11,000,000.

  1. Aston Martin Vulcan

The Vulcan is Aston Martin’s answer to the track racing scene. A track-ready hypercar through and through, the Vulcan was incredibly rare as only 24 were ever produced. Because of its limited release, each Vulcan could be customized in extreme detail to suit the individual buyers’ needs.

The Vulcan does not disappoint with its V12 engine which gives the car breakneck acceleration. The exterior is made of carbon-fiber monocoque and has carbon bodywork all around it to give the car a lighter yet strong edge. The interior is similarly lavish with all the present accommodations to make it comfortable even at higher speeds.

3. Ferrari 458 Italia

The Ferrari 458 Italia epitomizes the brand; it offers performance, power, and a bold, aggressive appearance that appeals to many people.

Because of its absolute exclusivity and authority, its presence shook up the midsize coupe market.

The stunning appearance coupled with the powerful acceleration gives it an edge over the rest. The V8 engine sounds gritty and you’ll be sure to know the entire block know when the engine starts revving up.

Add to that the exceptionally precise driving dynamics which makes driving it incredibly enjoyable. A favorite among celebs, it makes sense why Neymar likes it.

4. Maserati MC12

Now we start reaching the exclusive territory with the Maserati MC12 and only 400 of them were produced and Neymar owns one of them.

It was Maserati’s entry back into the track after a long hiatus of 37 years.

Although fitted with road legal modifications, make no mistake the MC12 is a track-ready race car through and through.

The V12 engine is ridiculously powerful which gives it exceptionally quick acceleration and the handling is just as monumental. The Trident was brought down hard on other supercars as the MC12 is also comfortable and premium from the inside.

5. Porsche Panamera Turbo 

The Porsche Panamera is one of the most recognized cars from the brand and has a classic Porsche look that attracts almost anybody. The Porsche Panamera Turbo has a beautiful and refined exterior, a similarly gorgeous interior with premium materials everywhere, and a surprisingly practical cargo space.

6. Audi R8 Spyder

With his Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus, Neymar continues to show his passion for the brand.

With bold outward appearance and unparalleled performance to match, the R8 Coupe goes all out.

The R8 Spyder’s astounding performance is a result of its unusual but potent V10 engine.

When cornering at faster speeds, there is a definite lack of traction even though it handles nicely when cruising.

Even though the fuel costs might persuade you otherwise, the automobile is designed for daily travel and the ride is generally adequately optimized.

Although the cabin materials are subpar, the inside cargo capacity is exactly what you’d expect from a vehicle of this type.

  1. Audi RS7 

The Audi RS7 is the sensible answer for those of you who love the rush that comes from having power.

The RS7 is a high-performance luxury sedan with an elegant design, eye-catching interiors, a useful and roomy interior, and rapid acceleration and a high top speed.

Because Neymar used his matt-gray RS7 constantly while playing for Barcelona, it was frequently spotted.

Only a few other sedans in this market can match its advantages for daily travel, including its roomy interior and large trunk.

The choice what car does Neymar drive is quite impressive only likened to his fellow soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.