What Car Does Tommy Shelby Drive

Tommy Shelby, the lead character of the British television series “Peaky Blinders,” is known for his sharp wit and cunning tactics as the leader of the Peaky Blinders gang. But just as iconic as his personality what car does Tommy Shelby drive in the show.

Throughout the series, Tommy Shelby can be seen driving a sleek black 1920s luxury car with a distinctive radiator grille and long hood.

This car is a 1924 Bentley 3 Litre, also known as the “Old Number One.”

The Bentley 3 Litre was first introduced in 1921, and it quickly gained a reputation as one of the finest sports cars of its time.

1924 Bentley

It was powered by a 3-liter inline four-cylinder engine that produced around 70 horsepower, which may not sound like much by today’s standards but was quite impressive for the time.

The car’s chassis was made of sturdy steel, and its body was typically crafted from aluminum or fabric-covered wood.

The Bentley 3 Litre was known for its exceptional handling and performance, making it a popular choice among racing enthusiasts and wealthy car buyers alike.

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In the world of “Peaky Blinders,” the Bentley 3 Litre perfectly embodies the style and attitude of the era.

Its sleek black exterior and powerful engine make it a perfect symbol of Tommy Shelby’s position as a ruthless and influential figure in the criminal underworld.

But while the car may look stylish and powerful onscreen, the reality of owning and driving a vintage Bentley is not without its challenges.

Vintage cars require careful maintenance and attention to detail to keep them running smoothly, and parts can be difficult to find and expensive to replace.

Despite these challenges, however, the Bentley 3 Litre remains a highly sought-after collector’s item to this day.

1929 Bentley

In fact, in 2012, a 1929 Bentley 4½ Litre Blower (similar to the car driven by Tom Cruise in the movie “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”) sold at auction for a record-breaking $7 million.

Of course, the car driven by Tommy Shelby is not quite as rare or valuable as that particular Bentley, but it is still a fascinating and iconic piece of automotive history.

And for fans of the show, it will always be associated with the captivating and enigmatic character of Tommy Shelby, who brought both style and substance to Peaky Blinders.

Now you know what car does Tommy Shelby drive.