What Happened to Luis Perez from Volkswagen?

Luis Perez is a successful car dealer and owner of several Volkswagen dealerships in Texas, United States.

He has been in the automobile industry for over 13 years and has a reputation for turning around underperforming stores and achieving high customer satisfaction scores.

But what happened to him recently and where is he now?

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In this article, we will explore his background, achievements, challenges, and current status.

Luis Perez Background and Achievements

Luis Perez started his career as an associate at Lewisville VW and Park Cities Volkswagen, both in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.

He worked with Leo Griggs and Eddie Lee, who became his partners later on.

In 2010, they acquired Volkswagen of Corpus Christi, a dealership that was not performing well at the time.

They managed to increase the sales by nearly 100% in six months and received the region’s coveted Customer Service Leader Trophy.

They also expanded the dealership’s online presence and offered competitive pricing and financing options.

In 2011, Luis Perez became the dealer and owner of Volkswagen of Waco, another dealership in Texas.

He applied his expertise and experience to improve the store’s performance and customer service.

Luis also took advantage of Volkswagen’s new products, such as the 2011 Jetta and the midsize sedan made in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

He also used technology to enhance the customer experience, such as allowing them to search the inventory, request a quote, and get pre-approved online.

Luis Perez Challenges and Current Status

Despite his success, Luis Perez also faced some challenges in his career.

One of them was the Volkswagen emissions scandal that broke out in 2015, when it was revealed that the company had cheated on emissions tests for diesel vehicles.

This affected the reputation and sales of Volkswagen dealerships worldwide, including Luis Perez’s.

He had to deal with angry customers, lawsuits, recalls, and fines from the authorities.

Another challenge was the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world in 2020, which caused a significant decline in car sales and disrupted the supply chain.

Luis Perez had to adapt to the new situation by implementing safety measures, offering online sales and delivery, and reducing costs.

He also had to cope with the personal impact of the virus, as he contracted it himself in July 2020 and had to be hospitalized for two weeks.

As of 2021, Luis Perez is still recovering from his illness and has not returned to work yet.

He is currently staying at his home in Corpus Christi with his family.

Luis has delegated his responsibilities to his partners and managers at his dealerships.

He hopes to resume his activities soon and continue his passion for cars and customers.



Luis Perez is a remarkable car dealer and owner who has achieved a lot in his career.

He has transformed several Volkswagen dealerships in Texas into successful businesses with high customer satisfaction.

Luis has also overcome some major challenges, such as the emissions scandal and the pandemic.

He is currently recovering from COVID-19 and plans to get back to work soon. He is an inspiration for many people in the automobile industry and beyond.

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