What Kind of Car Does Patrick Jane Drive

Patrick Jane, the enigmatic protagonist of the popular television series “The Mentalist,” is known for his sharp wit, uncanny observational skills, and unconventional methods of solving crimes. but do you know what kind of car does Patrick Jane drive ?

While his abilities and personality make him a fascinating character, fans of the show have also been intrigued by the car he drives.

Over the course of seven seasons, the mysterious Patrick Jane shows up on the scene in one of two personality-riddled vehicles: a blue 1972 Citroën DS 21 Pallas and a 1985 Airstream 270.

Although the series doesn’t explicitly mention the make and model of Jane’s vehicle, several clues throughout the show provide insight into the kind of car he would likely choose.

First and foremost, Patrick Jane is portrayed as a man who prefers simplicity and functionality over extravagance.

He is not one to be swayed by material possessions or luxury items. This characteristic is evident in his minimalist lifestyle and unassuming demeanor.

Therefore, it can be assumed that Jane’s choice of car would align with his practical nature.

Considering Jane’s investigative work and his preference for blending in with his surroundings, it is likely that he would opt for a vehicle that is inconspicuous and unremarkable.

1972 Citroën DS 21 Pallas 

A car that doesn’t draw unnecessary attention would be ideal for someone who often finds himself in precarious situations.

An unobtrusive car would allow Jane to observe without being observed, providing him with an advantage during his investigations.

Given these factors, a suitable option for Patrick Jane could be a mid-sized sedan. Sedans are known for their versatility, reliability, and understated appearance.

The blue ‘72 Citroën DS 21 Pallas is Jane’s primary ride. He drove the futuristic Pallas from the show’s outset in 2008 up until 2013, just two years before the show’s end.

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Today French automobile brand Citröen is renowned for its innovative and human-centered designs. Like Jane, the company closely observes people’s behavior, using insight gathered to intentionally craft its vehicles.

Also like Jane, the company led two lives. Citroën is now an acclaimed producer of automobiles. But it started out as an armament distributor for France during World War I.

They offer a comfortable and smooth ride, making them ideal for long hours of surveillance or travel.

Additionally, sedans typically have ample trunk space, which would come in handy for storing equipment or evidence during Jane’s investigative activities.

While there are several automakers that produce quality sedans, some brands align more closely with Jane’s character and preferences.

For instance, a vehicle from the Japanese manufacturer Toyota would be a plausible choice for Jane.

Toyota cars are renowned for their dependability, fuel efficiency, and practicality.

Their models, such as the Camry or Corolla, are widely recognized for their understated elegance and solid performance.

1985 Airstream 270

When Jane agrees to cooperate with the Feds, he does so on specific terms. One of these terms was an Airstream.

The Airstream caravan is an American icon, a nod to Jane’s own ego. It was designed to be efficient and wind-resistant, almost like an airplane. It was meant for motion. It was built for a family. And it was fit for the road.

Commence season six, and Jane’s wish is granted. We watch Jane shop around for his dream caravan, in search of a home where he can also perform his work. The 1985 Airstream 270 is his perfect vehicle.

Another brand that could suit Jane’s needs is Volvo. Known for their safety features, Volvo cars offer advanced technology and a reputation for reliability.

Moreover, the sleek and sophisticated design of their vehicles aligns with Jane’s preference for simplicity and functionality.

It’s important to note that while Patrick Jane would likely drive a mid-sized sedan, his car might not be in pristine condition.

As an individual who prioritizes solving crimes over maintaining material possessions, Jane may not invest much effort or money into the upkeep of his vehicle. A few dings and scratches on the car’s exterior could be indicative of his busy and unpredictable lifestyle.

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In conclusion, based on Patrick Jane’s personality, preferences, and lifestyle as portrayed in “The Mentalist,” it can be inferred that he would drive a mid-sized sedan.

Such a vehicle would blend in with his surroundings, provide comfort and reliability, and offer ample space for his investigative needs.

Brands like Toyota or Volvo would align well with his character, offering the practicality and understated elegance that Jane would likely appreciate.

You now know What kind of car does Patrick Jane drive, however, it is worth mentioning that Jane’s car might not be in pristine condition, as solving crimes takes precedence over material possessions in his world.